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Microneedling in Dermatology Evolving from the traditional process that only utilized plant products and common household items, the skincare process today is far more detailed and elaborate, a result of the endless research in technological world that aimed to continuously improve the quality of existing products and standard procedures that we all humans take advantage of every day. In dermatological science, which for many years has sought to find ways to address all sorts of skin problems, breakthroughs continue to be discovered and developed every year to create products and tools that can even defy age and its unwanted effects on the skin. As the number of esthetic clinics continue to rise in the previous years, more and more consumers are drawn in to the promise of modern procedures to finally achieve that perfect skin that seems to elude a lot of people. Although dozens of new procedures seem to be introduced every year or so, the common factor of most dermatological procedures is the stimulation of the skin to produce more collagen and increase cell turnover so new skin comes to the surface to resolve stubborn issues like discolorations, wrinkles, and scars from acne or superficial wounds, since collagen is the main component of the skin that is responsible for its elasticity and strength. Microneedling treatment, dubbed as the next big thing in skincare, particularly in anti-aging, is a procedure commonly administered in clinics using a dermaroller which is rolled all over the patient’s skin to stimulate cell renewal through tiny pinpricks from the needles to induce healing in stubborn areas. The treatment kick-starts the natural healing process of our skin, but on particular, troubled areas like the face, which often gets the most problems from stubborn scars to deep, noticeable wrinkles, as the needle pricks reaches deeper in the skin so the layers that must be renewed can be reached.
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Although the procedure is commonly done on the face, microneedling has also been known to work on other parts of the body with similar issues, and can even help to improve and even eliminate the appearance of stretchmarks, but the deeper the skin issue is, the longer the needles must be to reach the layers that require regeneration. Aside from the procedure yielding results that look natural, it also has lesser downtime and side effects compared to other more invasive procedures, plus it also helps to firm sagging skin and even help pores to look smaller and smoother.
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The pinpoint wounds from the needles are also beneficial for those that use topical creams as it helps to deliver the formula right into the deeper layers so results are more visible. But like with other issues we may have in our body, what we put inside and ingest still determines the overall state of our precious skin, which is why making sure to consume foods with a higher nutritional value for our skin is also one of the best ways to get that perfect skin.