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The Need for Creating Environmental Awareness

Imparting knowledge to the people on what their surrounding means and the need to preserve it is referred to as environmental awareness. Environment is the physical surrounding of an organism. Creating awareness can be done in several ways; in schools, churches, hospitals, local women groups, through media, advertisements, putting banners in the streets and many other ways. We will only afford to live free from dangers of the dirty environment if we take care of it. Below are some of the necessities of environmental education.

Improving the health of individuals. Living in an environment that is free from pollution and toxic gases will prevent you from catching the unnecessary illness. Large number of trees is going to result in the increased rate of absorption of toxic gases from the atmosphere thus preventing the risk of contracting diseases. Deaths resulting from sickness are going to be minimized since people have educated on the importance of draining stagnant waters. Numerous deaths caused by malaria are going to reduce. Living organisms that are found in the soil are also going to be safe since pollution is going to be controlled.

Environmental education also results in increase in agricultural production. A a lot of precipitation is required for the well-being of groups. Avoiding deforestation and encouraging people to plant more trees is going to result in the increase of rainfall. Since trees act as the water catchment when water evaporates through respiration it forms clouds which eventually falls as rain. So the larger the number of trees the higher the amount of rain. When there is enough food this going to prevent nutritional deficiency diseases and in turn boost the health of individuals.

Environmental awareness is also going to result in economic growth. Manufacturing industries that use soft trees as a raw material for the manufacture of paper are going to develop. The paper produced by the manufacturers can be used in making books and printing industries. As a result the living standards of the people are going to rise and in turns boosts the economy of the country. Availability of employment in plastic recycling company is going to boost country;s economy.

Environmental education also results in increased amount of water. With many trees planted and the mature ones not cut is going to cause a lot of rainfall. Since they are the high amount of rainfall people will drink and use drinking water that is safe from viruses and bacteria.
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