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Helpful Guide for Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

Having flat fleet can cause a lot of pain and give you sore feet for days if you are passionate about tennis and trying to run or cut on the court. For a long time people with flat feet have been looking for decent pair of shoes and wearing more than one pair of socks to help ease the pain but it hasn’t done much. For those with flat feet, your degree of comfort comes down to the actual pair of shoes you put on. Unfortunately, tennis shoes are created differently which is why you must know how to go about picking the right one if you have flat feet.

The pain and discomfort you are likely to experience if you wear certain pair of shoes is majorly contributed to the shape; tennis shoes are usually made for specific shape of foot and you should look for the one matching the shape of your feet. Once you know the right shoes for your flat feet, it is only a matter of time of finding them, because it is the only way to overcome the flat foot disability.

The first thing you must know before choosing the right pair shoes to help solve you flat feet problem is the shape of your feet; just like the other parts of the body, the shape of the feet also varies from one individual to another. These tennis shoes for people with flat feet have also been known to work for people with low arches, which is another term used to describe flat feet.

Again, before you choose the right pair of tennis shoes if you have flat feet, you must understand the pronation of your feet which is usually the shock absorption properties of your foot. Whenever you are shopping for the best tennis shoes if you have flat feet, you should always go for the ones with low arches since people with flat feet are always over-pronators. Feet usually roll inward after the end of each stride but the condition under which this fails to happen is called supination.

If you are not a podiatrist, then you are not able to tell where you fit on the pronation scale; whether you are overpronator, have neutral pronation or you are under pronator. Conducting wet feet test is the best way to help you determine if you are over, under or neutral pronator and its simple as it only involves walking on surface using normal strides after wetting your feet. This is how you can go about dealing with flat feet.

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